Monday, 8 June 2009

FREE!!! Book Chapters & Other Resources [+ info on some useful resources...]

There are a few photocopies of book chapters (espec on young people & the media) in F6 which I'll give out on a 1st-come-1st-served basis. There are also a range of handouts which you can take if you've lost you're own copy. Don't think I'll have time to upload the original docs for those today.
I've brought in most of the books that some of you made use of - you're welcome to come and use these in F6 (they're not for taking away) eg books on children and video games; moral panics; children and media; research methods etc
Furthermore, you should make use of the magazines Sight & Sound, Media, & Splice that the Library subscribes to. Some potentially useful articles from these include:
  • Vol 2 (issue 1) the Ring cycle; 'painographic horror'
  • Vol2 (3) intro to Japanese animation
  • jan 2009: 'in a lonely place' (on N.Korean cinema)
  • Feb 2009: 20 yrs of Japanese cinema + articles on horror films
  • Sept 2008: Grand Theft Auto IV
  • dec 2008: 'is nothing shocking' + art. on SE Asian film
Chapters from 2 books that have been photocopied and await takers in F6:
Kirsh, SJ (2006) Children, Adolescents, and Media Violence: A Critical Look at the Research. London: Sage. [C11 Playing With the Beast: Violent Video Games + C14 Policy, Violent Entertainment, and Youth]
Strasburger et al. (2009) Children, Adolescents, and the Media. 2nd edition. London: Sage. [C1 Children and Adolescents: Unique Audiences; C5 Media Violence; C10 Video Games]

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